Air Traffic Controllers - Live Action(s) (PAR 013-2) CD

A duo can only amuse themselves with a residency at the Saxon Pub for so long. Sooner or later, push is gonna come to shove and they'll have to document just what the fuck they've been up on some kind of dying format, suitable for home consumption. We don't actually know anyone who meets that description, however, but thought it would be fun to have something to flog at the many MMA events and/or Kittens' rights rallies we're invited to play. 57 minutes of the guitar stylings of Gerard Cosloy, backed by the drumming of JJ Ruiz, previously better known as guitarist for Naw Dude, Wild America, The Teeners and others. Audience applause was edited from these live recordings, mostly because we didn't want to intimidate other musicians --- it's tough enough as is for them to take the stage after us (though that's why I always thought a decent mop & bucket would be a rudimentary item to have on hand). As subtle as the Ebola Virus, though possibly not as tuneful. Available on CD March 1 2011, or for download via Bandcamp right now. (mail order prices are postage inclusive).


Air Traffic Controllers - Going Thru The Spanish Announce Table
(PAR 012-2) CD

Putting the MEAN back in meander ; Various rehearsal space recordings circa 2007-2009 from the Austin version of ATC, and the final gasps of the band's improvistional bent. Some of these rehearsals were better attended than the handful of shows they were meant to prepare us for. Legend has it Michael Gira supposedly used to tell hi his musicians that he wanted to "smell the sawdust" --- there's no telling how long this lineup of the Air Traffic Controllers would've stayed together had the guitar player not kept uttering that line over and over again. King Coffey's willingness to participate in these sessions is somewhat analogous to Brett Favre working out with the Oak Grove High School (MS) football team ; as always, Gerard Cosloy's stewardship is somewhere between that of a more musical Col. Kurtz (or a less musical James Dolan of J.D. & The Straight Shot). If you like your almost-rock poorly recorded and unfriendly, you'll go fucking ape for this one. Ltd. edition of NOT VERY MANY. Available on CD March 1 2011, or for download via Bandcamp right now.


Various Artists - U-Sound, Vol. 1
(PAR 010-2)
double CD
live recordings from New York's Pink Pony circa 1999 and 2000, curated by Jackie-O Motherfucker's Tom Greenwood. New material from Matthew Valentine (Tower Recordings), Glands of External Secretion, Daniel Carter Ensemble, Black Magic, Prick Decay, Sair Flora, Michael Hurley, Eagle Blood, Greg Anderson / Rob Hall Duo, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Jeff Perkins & PG 6, The Double Leopards, Sewerz (aka ARE Weapons), Unity Sound Ensemble, Furchick with The Armaround, Joshua Burkett, Tono Bungay, The Doves, Army Of Ghosts, Far Fetched (Tara Jane O'Neil, Tom Greenwood, Jeff Brown), Lady E Quartet, Daniel Carter & Jackie-O Motherfucker. An absolute sprawling, beautiful mess from some of America's most inspired poets and musicians, almost 2 years in the making, shipping February 1 2002. $13.00


Whisper Number
' (PAR 008)
the 5th Air Traffic Controllers full-length is the first to feature London-based drummer Jon Steele (State River Widening), and a return to the very popular "black and white" sleeve format that led to so many dozens of sales for our earliest titles. Minidisc recordings from '99/2000, way fucked. Really. Straight Up. Would We Lie To U? Check out an MP3 from this album. (CD OUT OF PRINT)


'Existence Period' (PAR 005)
the 4th album from the New York/New Zealand improvisational duo is a collection of live recordings and radio broadcasts from '98/'99. The album also features a appearance by Army of Ghosts / ARE Weapons member Ryan Noel. Check out an MP3 from this album. (CD OUT OF PRINT)

'Assistant To The Assistant' pisses all over the old stuff (unless you've never heard the first 2 ATC CD's, in which case this is a "mature, expansive work"). Features many knobs, switches and buttons. (CD OUT OF PRINT)

  'Assistant To The Assistant' (PAR 003)


The band's debut CD, 'Women & Other Minority Groups, Vol. 1' (PAR 001) and second CD, 'The Art of Looking' (PAR 002) are no longer available on disc, but can be downloaded at Bandcamp. .


'Women & Other Minority Groups, Vol. 1' (PAR 001) (CD OUT OF PRINT)

  'The Art of Looking'

(PAR 004) CD
having released 2 vinyl-only albums under the name Ayler's Angels, Army of Ghosts are a New York City-based improvisational jazz duo (sax and drums), utilizing more experimentation in the way of sampling, spoken word interludes and sound collage effects than any of their contemporaries. Having played up and down the eastern U.S. seaboard, sharing stages with the likes of Jackie-O Motherfucker, Peter Brotzmann, Air Traffic Controllers, Tower Recordings and others, they have staked a claim as one of the younger and braver new avant combos. With members of Army of Ghosts coming in and out of new NYC bands like Neon France, Russia and ARE Weapons, they have been accused of spearheading a No Wave revivial of sorts, but the Vietnam-influenced recording of The Horror is much harder to pigeonhole. It could be free jazz filtered through punk, avant rock informed by improvisational jazz, or possibly a terrific conceptual gesture designed to confuse and amaze. Or all of the above. Download an MP3 from this album here. (OUT OF PRINT)

anti:clockwise - rewatching
(PAR 009) CD
Solo recordings from Robert Dennis of New York City, a man whose performances as a member of Tono-Bungay, Eyeball 9000 and Fire In The Kitchen have caused much murmuring and analysis. Murmur no more, restless persons, Robert's one-man whirlwind of chaos, kaos and sound aka anti:clockwise, is now available on easily infringeable compact disc. 'rewatching' fornicates with genres we haven't even learned to spell yet. Puts the "ut" in "debut", though putting the "ut" in connecticut would probably help more people. Download an MP3 from this album here.









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